Bichons and Buddies

Bichons and Buddies is dedicated to the rescue of homeless and unwanted  Bichons, Bichon mixes and other small dog breeds, ensuring they are placed in a forever home that will provide them with the love and care they deserve. 

Over fourteen years ago, I was at the dog park with my own Bichon, when an animal regulation officer approached and asked me if knew anything about another Bichon that was found as a stray in that park a day earlier and was being held at a local shelter. I was shocked a Bichon was in the shelter and felt compelled to find its owners who I assumed were already frantically looking for him. My efforts were soon quashed when an elderly woman who lived across the street from the park told me I was wasting my time because she had seen people throw the dog from their car as they drove by the park. It was at that moment when I vowed to find that bichon a home  –   little did I know it would lead to where I am 14 years later.   

After volunteering for a few years as a regional director for a national rescue organization, I established Bichons and Buddies as a grassroots effort to have a more direct impact on dogs’ lives. What started as housing four to five rescues in my own home is now a fully functioning facility in Culver City that can accommodate up to 35 dogs.

Every week, Bichons and Buddies takes in an average of four dogs and utilizes many different methods for finding them homes. It’s imperative we place them as quickly as possible since space is so limited and, unfortunately, the number of dogs that are killed each day is not. For me, saving dogs sometimes feels like trying to catch raindrops – it’s impossible to catch them all. I try to focus on the difference being made in one dog’s life and all of the lives that will be touched by that one dog, which I like to call the circle of love. To save a dog from imminently being killed, provide it with the necessary medical care and grooming, and to watch a family jubilantly walk out the door with their cheerful new family member is the completion of that circle… and for me that circle plugs the endless recurring holes in my heart.

Thank you for stopping by our site to learn more about Bichons and Buddies.  Please help us continue our efforts by making a tax- deductible donation today.  

Jeanine Curcione

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