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Getting Started

Bringing home a new pet is a joyous and exciting occasion, but it also requires some careful planning..

Teaching Basic Commands

Want to train your dog to learn basic commands? heck out our dog training page for tips and tutorials..

Behavior Problems

It's frustrating when your dog chews everything and ruins your things. Find out possible causes..

Excessive Barking

Does your dog bark excessively? This page can help you determine why your dog is barking and what to do..


Is your new puppy still having a hard time being potty-trained? Learn housebreaking tips and tricks..

General Dog Health

A healthy dog is a happy dog! Find answers to general dog health questions and the importance of vet visits..

Bathing and Grooming

Is it time to bathe your dog or does your puppy need her nails trimmed? Get basic bathing and grooming advice..

Flea and Tick Control

Protect your dog from fleas and ticks. Find out different options for protecting your dog..

Pet Disaster Planning

Pet disaster planning and disaster preparedness are the best ways to keep your pets safe..

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Bichons and Buddies partners with DOG for DOG a local company that has a fabulous buy one-get one program that helps dogs in need. This is the food we feed our little guys when they're with us.  We're often asked by adopters what kind of food they should get, and this is always top on our list.

DOG for DOG offers products made with all natural ingredients that are good for your dog's health AND are delicious.  When you order food for your dog through their website by clicking on this special link DOG for DOG will send a bag of dog food to Bichons and Buddies for every bag you purchase.  Thank you for supporting us through this very special initiative!

Veterinary Care:

Bichon and Buddies recommends:

California Animal Hospital West LA - Dr. Gary Adams       310-478-5915

Overland Veterinary Clinic   Culver City     310-559-2424



Dog Training

Michael Chil - Animal Behavioral Services     310-559-5900         link to his website

Michael has been Jeanine Curcione's personal dog trainer and friend for over 20 years.  He's compassionate, funny, and extremely effective!  His group classes are the perfect way to make your newly adopted dog a canine good citizen


j9K9        J9s K9s


  • Stacy (Bichons and Buddies Personal Groomer)     719-464-6956

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Two Hands Four Paws


               Pooch Play Dates Dog walking service on the Westside run by our adopter Michelle.  We highly recommend her!


Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance  Programs