Piper (formerly Daphne) was found begging for food by a taco truck in an industrial area of Los Angeles. A Good Samaritan scooped her up and contacted Bichons and Buddies. Piper was adopted last month and will never have to worry about begging for food ever again. Here’s what her new mom shared: 

"Just wanted to give you an update on Piper and send you a few pics! She is doing really well and we l ove her to bits. She loves going for walks (has to meet every dog along the way, big & small) and car rides. She has no fear of anything or anybody so it wouldn’t surprise me if she wandered off and got lost before she came to us. That is the only way I can think of what happened to her because she is so sweet and I can’t believe anyone could abandon her. She loves everyone who walks through the door and definitely wants to be the center of attention. I worried that my older dog Lexi would be the jealous one but it is Piper who has to have all the love & rubs and can be a noisy little thing when she isn’t. And the two of them get along great, watching them play together is very funny as Piper is so small yet so tough! She’s usually the instigator in these wrestling matches but then gets bored and goes and plays with her toys. Her favorite is a stuffed cow, which is bigger than her (see photo)! Next week she is off for her first appointment with the groomer. It will be interesting to see how she does as she wasn’t very impressed when I tried to give her a bath! 

Thanks again Jeanine! Piper has truly is a gem! I hope all is going well with you and your efforts of saving the lives and finding homes for all these awesome little dogs!"
Just wanted to give our friends at Bichons and Buddies an update on our little Maddigan (Ilsa). We adopted her on Feb 1st and she has adjusted GREAT into our family! She's gained 4 lbs and is looking good. She was so timid at first but now runs around the yard with her brother Finnigan looking for lizards and chasing birds. She's doing great on a leash and loves to go for walks and rides in the car. Thank you everyone at Bichon and Buddies for all the work you do! We LOVE our little Maddigan :)

For those fans that have been with me for a while, you'll remember Phoenix, the poor emaciated half dead little dog abandoned in a shoe box. Phoenix survived and thrived and was adopted by a wonderful lady that works in a law office. We'v e stayed in touch through the years and she's been one of my most ardent supporters. When she and her coworkers suffered the sudden and unexpected loss of a dear colleague, Sandy sprung into action. She decided to honor her friend by taking up a donation in her memory for Bichons and Buddies with the simple request of naming the next female Kathleen. 
I was more than happy to do that. The touching gesture and generosity of all those in her office who donated must have brought great luck to Kathleen because she was adopted in less than a week! 
To all of you who knew and loved Kathleen I offer my deepest condolences. I hope it helps ease the pain knowing that her namesake is embarking on a fresh new life in her new forever home :)


Hi Jeannine.  Suki, who you rescued fro Downey Shelter about 5 years ago, is doing well and is the light of my life.  She had much to overcome and still has significant fear issues.  But most of the time she is one happy little dog.
She excels at Agility, and earned her Canine Good Citizenship certification from the AKC.  Her DNA test indicates she is a purebred poodle.  She is an athletic dog and even climbs trees, which was a big surprise the first time that happened.
I'm sending you this note to thank you for your work and encourage you to keep it up.  Suki is one fantastic dog, and everyday she appreciates having a second chance at life. And I appreciate having a little dog like this in my life.




Well it has been just over a week since Gunner stepped foot into our home. He is just a joy and is really starting to settle in with us. He follows Barbie everywhere she goes. He loves to go for walks. We go and walk 3 or 4 times a day. Thank you both for bringing so much joy to us.



Another great example of how sending dogs to other parts of the country is a win-win for all - especially the dogs!

Happy Levi in his new home!

Hi Ginger,

Remember Levi the poodle you saved out of California? I can not thank you enough for matching our family with Levi. Garrett and Levi are inseparable. Levi is a wonderful, smart, fun spirited dog. Garrett and Levi are attending doggie school together which Levi is sailing through and having great fun. Garrett is thinking about agility training just for fun as Levi is quite agile and goes on all the park playground equipment including the slide!! Thanks for all the good work you and your great team can do to save such wonderful dogs!

We are all so happy!



Happy Marley in his new home!

Hi Jeanine!

I am in love. :) Marley has been an absolutely perfect addition to our family! We've decided to rename him Arlen, which is Irish for "promise". Kobuk has continued to enjoy his new playmate and Reesa has decided she wants to join in the fun, too. It's a riot to watch when the three of them get going! Arlen has no idea he is the smallest of the three and keeps the other two on their toes. Adia continues to watch them from whatever resting place she can find, and I swear she rolls her eyes at their antics. Arlen has adjusted so easily to his new life, and I owe that to you and his foster family. If only more people realized what a joy rescue dogs are with a little love and training. I am very surprised you had him for two months and no one adopted him, but I am grateful at the same time. He fits in as if he always belonged here, and I just can't stop snuggling him!

I could never thank you enough for bringing Reesa and Arlen into my life. It shocks and angers me that they were both so mistreated before, and I sometimes wonder what their previous owners would think if they knew how far they traveled and how very special they both are to me. I saw the post on facebook about my fluffs - what an adorable collage! I laughed at the response that expressed shock about having four dogs. They can be a handful, but are worth every second. :)

I believe you are truly gifted at what you do. You knew Reesa was the perfect match for us even before we did, and you accurately predicted how happy Arlen would be in our multidog home. Beyond that, it takes a special person to come into contact with wonderful, amazing dogs like Reesa and Arlen everyday and be able to give them away, even if it is to good homes. In your last email you thanked me for taking another lucky pooch into my home, but all four of them prove to me that I am the lucky one everyday!!

Thank you for everything!!!


My name is Ann Sheridan, my husband (when you met us we were engaged!) Fletcher and I adopted an amazing dog from you a little over a year ago named Linus. We were shocked when after speaking with us on the phone you had the perfect dog in mind. We thought, how can she be so sure? Well, you were, and we couldn’t be happier.

We just wanted you to know how incredible he is, and how much he has changed our lives. He is our child, we love him more than anything, and you couldn’t have matched us more perfectly. Attached are a few photos, one from our wedding! :) He is the sweetest, gentlest dog; so loving, intuitive, passionate, and understanding.

Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you, for matching us up with the greatest dog we could ever wish for!

Ann and Fletcher Sheridan

Dear Jeanine,

Attached please find a picture of Fiona (Mia) and Nicky resting after their long walk to the beach. Even though Fiona (Mia) became part of our family only 2 days ago she’s as happy as she can be. Nicky received her with open paws and they’re already inseparable.
Thank you so very much for the gift of allowing us to bring home this AMAZING little girl.

Forever grateful!

Kathleen and Morris Kushner

Hi Jeannine. Saw all the cute photos of your dogs in their new homes so thought we’d send one of our Ringo who we got from you almost 2 years ago. Here he is with his brother and sister.
He is such a great dog and is an important member of the family. I always sing your praises to anyone looking for a wonderful dog. My company is also involved with NKLA (No Kill LA). We did music for a couple spots and internet films. Keep up the great work.


Dear Jeanine and Leslie,

Here are a couple pictures of Tilly. We have had her for a little over a month now, and could not be happier! She is the sweetest, most loving, and easiest going dog that we have ever had. She is the perfect boat dog! We walk her at least three times a day around the marina and people always love her as much as she loves people. Thank you for the work you do and for introducing us to our newest family member!

Rick and Patty
Marina del Rey, CA


Just wanted to let you know that it’s been 2 weeks now and we are even more in love with Syndey (formerly known as Betty) than when we first got her.

She is everything we hoped for: playful and lively, easy going and well behaved, sweet, a GREAT snuggler, a crazy fast tennis ball fetcher and just an all around super dog!

Thank you for rescuing her and thank you for giving us to her. We are giving her sooooo much love and she is giving it right back!!!

The Bartholomew family

Hi Jeanine!

It’s been 4 months and I wanted to give you an update on Dudley (he was Jazzy when he came home with us). He has been an amazing addition to our home! It took him a few weeks to come out of his shell, but once he did his personality came through.

He loves to proudly walk around the neighborhood, go on car rides, play with toys (he likes the big fluffy ones that he can shake around). He also has a weekly date with his “girlfriend” Sadie (another B&B rescue) at the Laurel Canyon Dog Park. He even went to the beach!

I literally can’t remember what life was like before he was in our life!

I’ve attached a couple of pictures!

Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you and your team do and for bringing Dudley into our lives!


Greg and Helen (and Dudley!)

Hello Jason and Janene! Here are a few pics of Gus ,(was Maverick) at his newly adopted Home at our Farmstead in Arkansas,where he is doing very well playing with our other Dogs and Animals. Gus likes to run after our Milk Cows which he is learning is not good manners, and has learned to not chase or harass our chickens. Gus has been well received by all who meet him ,and especially gets excited when he meets Children visitors. One thing that was unexpected is he has bonded strongly to me . We guess those few days driving back and Sharing a good trip had something to do with it. Gus is a Delight to share time with and loves to ride with us anywhere . We are very grateful to Bichon Buddies Rescue for helping us adopt Gus, as we had lost a Bichon about 4 months ago due to his old age . These Bichons are very special companions and very gentile , we recommend them and Bichon Buddies Org.

Thank you for helping us find Gus, We will always be Thankful for your assistance with all the details , and making is easy on us. Best Wishes , Avrum Shapiro and Denise Collins , Yellville, Arkansas

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Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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“Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not..” – Thomas Jefferson

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Hello, Jeanine

We love “Peaches,” (a.k.a. “Betsy). Yes, she is ours to keep, so go ahead and cash our check.
She is also a hit with other people, including Abbe Skones and her husband. She is also a very intelligent dog. She likes to go for walks. She is completely house trained. We have set limits as to where she is not permitted to go, and she is learning to follow this with a few lapses because she is so enthusiastic to be with us. As you can see, we have bonded with her, and she with us. I bought her a small ball that squeaks when you squeeze it. At first, she did not know what to do with it. Then yesterday, she picked it up with her mouth and brought it to me. We now play fetch. Peaches is a house dog, and she is very contented and happy. When we are going to another room to sit on a couch or chair, she races ahead and jumps up on the sofa just before we arrive.

Thank you for your volunteer efforts. If it weren’t for you and your willingness to communicate, we would not have added Peaches as our newest family member.

Brian Jaffe

Hello Jeanine!

My wife and I adopted Austen (now spelled with an e as we are big Jane Austen fans!) from BC Poodle Rescue in October of last year after meeting him at an adoption day in Victoria BC. He had only made the journey up from California the previous night and was a little sleepy but still such a friendly and affectionate little boy that he captured our hearts instantly. I had been walking over to look at some other puppies when he introduced himself by jumping up and licking me in the face and then, after we had been sitting on the floor petting him for a while, he crawled into my wife’s lap and fell asleep in the middle of a busy pet shop for half an hour. We really feel like he chose us!

Elena told us that Austen had originally been a Bichons and Buddies boy and that you were the ones to take him out of the shelter and give him a second chance. I just want to thank you so much for that and let you know how Austen has been doing up here in Canada!

First of all, over the past months he has blossomed into the silliest little boy imaginable! For the first couple of weeks he was very friendly and sweet but wasn’t entirely sure that we were “his people” quite yet – he didn’t seem to know what to do with the toys we bought him or how to play with us. It wasn’t until another dog got a bit too rowdy at the dog park and Austen immediately ran over to hide behind our legs that we realised that he knew that we were going to take care of him. Since then, he has learned how to play with his toys – although he prefers to tear them into little bits and then strut around with the disembodied limbs in his mouth! – and has become the biggest cuddlebug ever. He loves to sleep at the foot of our bed and then in the morning he’ll creep up to the top and have a half hour of cuddles with my wife to start the day. His favourite thing EVER is to go anywhere with the both of us – especially to the local dog park where he gets to romp with the pooches and then sidle up to their owners so that they can tell him what a pretty boy he is and how soft his fur is.

No one that meets him can believe that he’s a rescue dog as he is so sweet and friendly – last week he helped a lady with a phobia of dogs by being very calm as she petted him, and the very next day he helped convince a young couple in our building that they should get a rescue dog as they hadn’t previously believed that they could find a rescue dog this lovely. We referred them to BC Poodle rescue and your website so fingers crossed that they find a little Californian dog to be Austen’s playmate!

My wife and I would just like to thank you so much for the work you do and the dogs you save. We have only had Austen for a few months and we simply cannot imagine our lives without him. He brings us so much joy and we feel very blessed to be able to shower him with the love and attention he so richly deserves.

I’ve attached a few photos. The first one is the photo BC Poodles had of Austen on their website – you might recognise those silly long legs of his! The second one of him cuddling with my wife on the couch. And the third is of him and me having a cuddle at Christmas – my face is strangely blurry but I’m sure no one’s looking at me when Austen’s being so cute! We got him a reindeer outfit (he seems to love wearing clothes!) and used a photo of him in front of the Christmas tree as our Christmas card last year – it was a huge hit with everyone!

Many thanks again,

Indigo, Sandra and Austen

Before                                           After
“HI Jeanine,

Above is a picture of our absolutely wonder-full dog, Remy, whom we adopted from B&B in July 2010. The following three pictures were taken of him recently. Remy adores doing tricks–sit; stay; down; roll over; shake hands with both paws, alternating; wait for a treat he can see until the command to eat is given; jump back and forth over a lightweight styrofoam cylinder; spin (1, 2, or 3 times); stand; run/jump a little course in the family room made out of an armchair + 2 ottomans + the daybed, stay for a long time until asked to come; and heel. We’re always lookin’ for new tricks since he loves them so much and is sooo smart.

What a blessing he is, and we thank you for making his arrival to our home happen.

Abbe Skones.

Hi Jeanine,

Courtney wanted to say hi.

She writes:

“HI Jeanine,

I just wanted to update you and your volunteers on what’s been happening in my life! I’m settled in nice and well at my new place now. I have an older brother named Remi, who is my constant companion and blossoming friend. And I have a new mommy.

I love my new home and my new family. I get the best, nutritious food daily, and let me tell you about all my TOYS. Some are furry and squeaky, some are chewy and yummy, and then other ones are minty and make my teeth feel good as new. And the treats! OMG, the treats. I gained about 5 pounds, but I can run just as fast as I used to. My compadres at Bichons and Buddies would be soooo jealous…and happy for me!

I’ve learned a lot of new things: how to only do my business outside or on this blue pad; how to not jump on my brother (he starts growling), how not to steal his food (more growling), how to keep my cool at this cockapoo dog who keeps staring back at me through every window (she’s got great lashes, I’ll tell you that), and how to respond to my new name, ‘Dahlia.’ My mom says it’s because I am as pretty as her favorite flower. **Blush**. My older brother keeps me in line, but is also pretty protective of me. Especially when a strange dog comes sniffing around. Boo-yah! I got my own bodyguard now.

I feel like I got a new leash on life. Get it?

Ok, I gotta go because I sense a petting session coming. My tail can’t seem to stop wagging. Remi tells me to tell you hi, and that I snore big time, especially for a girl. I think his sense of hearing is suspect. He IS older than me.

Dahlia aka Courtney

PS. Btw, thanks for saving my life.

I can’t begin to thankyou enough for myles…now Danny…rescuing him from the pound [such a sad imagine] but a great ending or now beginning with his new home. I just love him so much as do my whole family.

Hello Jeanine!
This update is long overdue! We adopted Choco (Brando) last March, and it was the best decision we ever made. We were so nervous to adopt a dog, and so unsure about picking the perfect dog for us, but you were so patient and encouraging. Choco is the CUTEST dog with a huge personality–He loves to play fetch with Ben and snuggle with me on the couch, and loves getting belly rubs (just like on the first day we met him). We never know where all of his energy comes from, but he keeps us busy and active, and we love it! At times we talk about what Choco’s life must have been like while he was a stray wondering on the street, and my heart breaks just thinking about it. I am so happy that we were able to give such an amazing dog, who has limitless amounts of love to give, a warm home. Thank you Jeanine for all that you do!! I have attached some pictures for you to look at too :)

Lot’s of Love,
Penny, Ben, and Choco

It was my pleasure!

Charlie (Archie) has been such a joy for us since the night we brought him home. We just adore him and can’t imagine life without him. I tell people all the time where we found him (I refer people to the B&B site at least once a week) — people can’t believe he was a rescue. Together we’re true advocates for dog rescue, changing people’s perceptions on what a “pound puppy” can be in personality, temperament, and just overall gorgeousness. He turns heads wherever we take him – we get a big kick out of seeing stranger’s faces light up as we pass by them on our daily walks.

Since July or so we’ve been able to bring him in to work with us – and even though other co-workers have dogs that also come to the office, he’s truly been a standout. When clients are toured around our studio, there’s always a pit stop at my desk, not to meet me, but to meet Charlie! He gets all the love and attention he needs throughout the day through his extended “work” family. We even have a few folks in the office who were scared of dogs from past experiences of being bitten, who have come to love and trust Charlie in a way they’ve never been able to with another dog.

He’s funny, playful, cuddly, friendly, protective of his home and family, great with little kids, friendly with other dogs (ok, except for the terrier next door – they seem to be mortal enemies), obedient, and SMART. He can sit, down, wait, roll over, high-five, turn around, dance, and jump through a hoop (I taught him that in less than 5 minutes!)

We made a fan page for him on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/CharlieDoggie — feel free to check out his pics and posts, and become a fan! :) He has some fans that I’ve never met, haha. I also attached a picture for you, one of my favorites of him. This is Charlie’s “centerfold!”

Also feel free to post this email to the testimonial section of your site!

Dena and Alex and Charlie!

Hi Jeannine,
I wanted to share a couple pictures of our little rascal Joey.
He is such a joy and neither of us can imagine life before him.
He has added so much joy into our household.
He is happy, loving, protective and a pure joy.
Today, he came back dirty and wet after playing in the back yard. He was a mess!
We put him in the bath and cleaned him up (picture on couch) shortly after the ordeal. He really cooperates and is so sweet.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for finding this cutey.

Hi Jeanine,

We rescued Daisy on July 13 and I just wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have gotten her. She is a blessing to us and a love!
Thank you for rescuing these beautiful dogs. She has added so much to our home. Below is her Halloween picture from the groomer.

Eileen Olitsky

Hi Jeanine

Just wanted to give you an update on Cody ( Aka Perry.) He is such an amazing boy, and he has adjusted very well to his new home! We all love him to pieces!!! Cody is everything you said he was and more!! He goes on long walks everyday around the lake, plays with kids in the neighborhood and sleeps like a baby every night in our bed!! Thank you for bringing Cody into our lives, and giving him, and so many other dogs, a second chance at life!

Stephanie Knudson


I wanted to give you an update on my new pup. It has hardly been 2 weeks since I got Mia aka Missy and I can not thank you enough for the patience you had with me through this process. It was a very tough decision because all of your dogs were amazing but in the end, I know that she was absolutely the best doggie for me. She has already opened up so much just in the short time we have spent together. She went from seeming very depressed and nonchalant about me, to following me where ever I go now throughout my house. She loves other people and esp other dogs. I had such a great feeling when I took her to the doggie park for the first time the other day and watched her run around with all the other dogs seeming to be so happy and without at care in the world. She loves to cuddle up on the couch with me or roll over on her back so I can scratch her tummy :) This little white fluff ball has truly brightened up my life and I am so excited to spend many more years with this little girl. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)


Hey Jeanine

Just wanted to let you know that little Pepito (who we got from you as
“Nealy” in 2009) will be doing an Agility Demonstration at Best
Friends Strut Your Mutt this Saturday. How cool is he???
Oh yea – I also ran into a woman at the El Segundo dog park who got
her rescue from you. She was so happy with her new companion.

Hi Jeanine,

I just wanted to give you an update on my sweet little Heidi (Violet). It is a year now since I adopted her, and after a few months finally she outgrew her purple hair color what was given to her on top of her head.
She is such a kind and wonderful dog and loves to give lots of kisses and wants to be the center of attention. Everybody loves her!!!

In particular, her friend Buddy (Boggie) who was also adopted 3 months prior. They love to walk and play together and have a wonderful time.
I am so thankful to have her and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Thank you for everything you do and for all these wonderful fur babies!!




I just wanted to update you on our dog Skippy (Shiloh). She is such a wonderful addition to our family. We adopted her through Bichon and Buddies Sept 2009. Thank you very much for allowing us to adopt her. The other dog in the picture is our son Ryan’s dog who lives in San Diego.

Hope all is well with you.

Jane, Mark and Kylie Grundman

Huntington Beach


Hi Jeanine,

How are you,hope all is well.Just wanted to give you an update on our little girl “Koukla”(Dixie).She is doing great.She has doubled in size,filled out
and is healthy thank God.She doesn’t have that cough or wheeze any more. She loves our male Bichon and he adores her.They sleep with us every night like 2 little babys,they have to be touching us.My husband can’t be away from them for a second,he is so crazy about the two of them.Everyone loves them and spoils them with love.If you have any more Bichons that need to be rescued,especially females,let me know.Several people I know want


Keep in touch.


Hi Jeanine!

It was almost one year ago when we made that fortuitous call to you that one morning in July about whether or not you had any puppies – when you just received the female parti-poodle under your care. You might have remembered that my daughter named her “Sugar Pop”, which is now just “Pop” or many variations of that name. We just love her to pieces – she really is the most wonderful family dog. She is great with the kids, she is smart, fun and affectionate. We feel so lucky to have her! I kept wanting to write you, but then I had to remember to take a recent photo. It is so hard sometimes to capture just how cute she is, but here are some recent photos. Thank you so much for rescuing her, so that we ultimately have her as a part of our family. I hope all is well with you!

Thanks again,

Dass, Pete, Alex and Anna Richardson


Hi Jeanine,

it’s Mark Worister again. Well, Mickey is with his new parents and doggie sister in Burbank.
I was totally regretting bringing him there because I missed him so much as soon as he was there.
But he is doing so well there that I could not take him back with a clear conscience even if I really wanted to, and I do.
But Robyn and Jake are great, they love him already very much, he is happy playing in the yard with his new sister, it’s perfect for him.
So I decided against my own wishes and left him at his new home because it’s about him and not about me.
I miss him a lot though, he is very special.
They re-named him Otis btw., for when you’re updating the chip info.
They should have filled out an on line application form by now, too.
My little Julo took a turn for the worse, poor little old man, he’s not feeling good at all lately, I am dreading the day…..
Anyway, thanks for everything, best wishes and keep up the good work, maybe our paths will cross again in the near future but for now I’m going to concentrate on Julo, ugh, getting old aint pretty that much is clear.
All my best, attached a few pics of Mickey, two in my home and two in his new home.
All my best,


Jeanine, look how Bernadette (Roxi) fits into our family. Thank you so much. We love her and so do Chanel and Dante. Barbara Gnazzo in Carlsbad

Go for it..he has almost stopped his honking/choking now, too. I think the harness instead of the collar made all the difference…today he went the whole day with no rubber donut around his neck so he’s being good about not licking himself to death and he’s had his sock off, too so left his feet alone…these pics are all his “AFTER” shots. They all got groomed yesterday and I asked her to make him look more like a Bichon and she trimmed his ratty hair and made him look so adorable, huh?

He LOVES toys and keeps bringing them all out of the basket in the hopes that Finnigan might play with him, but no luck so far!! The shot of him walking in the grass is from this morning so it’s an “after” shot, too, same as all of these.

He’s good – happy and getting healthier each day. We do a one mile walk every night and if little walks during the day…too hot now for morning walks unless we get up early which we usually do not!

Will weigh him next week to see if he’s lost weight..I sure hope so – he was 18.6 lbs and had lost a little from when you first found him..

All good, take care,
Tammy, Casey, Finnigan & Rupert :)


Hi Jeanine,

Just wanted to give you a brief update on Pepsi – he has been such an absolute gift to our family!!! He is such a wonderful dog and we can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives! We have only had him for a little over two weeks but he is already house broken and he is such a great listener! He is still a fan of the “belly rub” and loves to cuddle all day long! He has also decided to serve as protector of our four year old son Jackson and spends every night sleeping at the foot of his bed (a big plus because the past year all Jackson has talked about is getting a dog who would “sleep with him” at night). Pepsi enjoys going to the dog park everyday and loves sitting under our beach umbrella every Sunday watching Jackson play t-ball. He recently made his first trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and enjoyed swimming in their new pool!

Thank you again for all you do every day to help these beautiful creatures!

I have attached a picture of Pepsi in his favorite position ;) . I will send some better ones as his coat is starting to come in nicely!

Thanks again!!!


Laura, Roger, Jackson and Madison Ranney


Hi Jeanine,

I hope you had an amazing vacation! You certainly deserve it. I wanted to give you a little update on Mini, who was called Laney. She has been with our family for just over a year now and has really blossomed. When she first arrived, she was afraid of the leash and harness and would cower when they were taken out. She reluctantly walked outside, but pulled away from you at an odd angle, and sometimes would refuse to walk altogether. On those days, the little princess would be carried home. While my mom’s home is made up of only women, Mini was afraid of men who were strangers. As time went on, Mini became more and more confident. With frequent walks and treats, Mini has come to love her walks! She loves her trips to the big park where she takes a nice long walk, followed by play time in the dog park. She also now is a very confident little pup, who loves all people and especially loves her belly rubs. She knows how to sit, lie down, dance and give paw. Mini is truly such a little gem. Her coat has grown in beautifully.

My cousin, to whom Mini is very bonded, has started a facebook page for her- it is called Mini Coco. There are a ton of pictures of her, and the cuteness is almost too much. I have attached three photos here for you!

Thanks so much for everything you do!

Erika and the Cabri Family


Hi Tammy,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to write, but Lisa doesn’t give me
any alone time. Since I moved to San Francisco, I am the star of our
building in San Francisco and wherever we go, which is everywhere
since she insists I’m never alone.

When she does travel for business she places me with either her mom or
at the Wag Hotel. Lisa makes sure I am brushed everyday and I get
all-day play sessions with other dogs when I am boarded. I make sure
they email her photos of me at playtime so she doesn’t miss me too
much while she is away.

I’ve had a “new pet” doctor visit and he liked me a lot. I asked him
to be my boyfriend, but he said he already had one! Such is life in
the big city of SF! Good news is I am in great health!

When we go to PetCo I get to pick out my own toys… Whatever I sniff
she buys, which is great and now I have my own toy box.

It didn’t take long for me to trust her… At first I was skeptical
and wouldn’t let her touch my tail or feet, but now I am a snuggly
touchy doggy. She lets me sleep on her bed at night. I get the middle
of the middle and now she has to sleep around me somehow.

I get groomed every two weeks in the wine country near our country
house in Sonoma and I even ran in a field of Zinfandel vines on one of
our visits!

In the city I walk on Huntington Square every day with the other dogs,
which I am really not interested in, but I do get fixated by the

I am so happy you kept me waiting for Lisa.

I miss you tons… If you come to San Francisco, please email or call…

Best, Miss Missy

Lisa A. Della-Santina


Hi Jeanine!
It was SOOOOO great to meet you last month at the adoptions! Howie has
been such a gift to myself and my family, and I cannot thank you
enough for what you do. You are truly a guardian angel to all of these
animals, and Bichons is such a great organization!
Attached is a picture of Howie from your website that I found when I
spotted him, and a recent one snapped today before his bedtime. We
love you!


Hi Jeanine,

I wanted to give you an update on Remi. He has recovered quite well from his neutering and is a perfectly well-adjusted little boy. He likes food a little too much so I’m trying not to feed him too much. He’s getting a little porky, so I’m trying to get him a little healthier! I guess he still remembers his days as a stray when food wasn’t so plentiful. He loves chewing on bullysticks and loves being pet by other people. He stays quietly at home when I’m at work without even touching the trash or tearing things apart–he is all around a great dog. Everyone who has met him tells me with an awed voice, “He’s
SUCH a GOOD dog!’

I’m enclosing some pics of him.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.


Hi Jeanine:

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Puck (you named him Pierre)

is doing great. He settled in right away and takes his job of waking up the
girls every morning very seriously. It makes my mornings much easier.

We can’t imagine life without our little Pucky Ducky or Puckaluca Ding Dong.

Thanks for everything!



This is a heart-warming story of how one of my more difficult placements finally got a fabulous home! As you can see by the pic he has been transformed into the happiest dog on the planet!

It was a terrible day. A Thursday. Our cat, Catcher, whom we had lived with since he was ten days old, was dying. As I sat with him, held him and loved him, I thought about his life and times we had shared over the last 16.5 years. I reflected not only upon the joy he and his sister, Pandora, who had died 2 years earlier from the same disease, had brought us, but upon the other cats who had shared my life over the last 36 years. Yes, I’m a confirmed cat person.

At about 5:10 in the evening, minutes after Carol, my wife, came home from work, he reached out to touch her, took his last two breaths and died. He had waited for her so that we could all be together in his last moments. We wrapped is sadly thin body in his favorite blanket, placed him in the car, ready to take his body to the vet. In a fit of anger at his dying, I gathered every toy, every cat bowl, litter box, cans and bags of food and threw them into the back of the car. We drove to the vet where we donated all the stuff and surrendered him, for the last time, into her care. On our drive back home Carol and I swore that Catcher was the last animal companion we’d ever have. The pain of losing them was too great and, at that moment, overwhelmed any of the joy they bring to you.

It has been three months since Catcher left us. Carol, over the last years has been an ardent visitor of dog rescue websites. Even as cat people, we loved dogs. In fact, we bought a home, in part, because it was across the street from a dog park. We thought we had the best of it; we could watch, and occasionally visit, other people’s dogs without the annoyance of walking them grooming them and having to make your plans around their needs. Cats are different. They demand so much less of you.

One afternoon, she emailed me from her work. One of the sites she visited on a regular basis, Bichons and Buddies, had this adorable fluff ball who was described as the perfect dog. I went on line and saw the bichon mix she mentioned. And saw another dog there as well. This dog had the most soulful eyes and doleful look I had seen since the dog who’s so worried about losing his bone on the Traveler’s Insurance commercial. That evening Carol and I talked about dogs and companion animals in general and decided that cute as they were, we didn’t want to take on the responsibility.

Over the next two weeks or so, I went on the Bichon and Buddies website with some regularity. Each time Rufus’ sad sack look captured me. I noticed that Bichons was having an event. Carol and I talked about going; but only to look, certainly not to adopt. I just wanted to meet that sad little doggie.

Saturday was rainy. The scheduled Bichon and Buddies event was cancelled as an outdoor one and moved to inside, at the Robertson Avenue home where many of their dogs are boarded. Carol and I showed up at about 1:30. Jeanine arrived about 5 minutes later. We told Leslie, Jeanine’s assistant, we had come to see Rufus and one other dog, I think his name was Winston. Several other people, a family of 4, a young couple were also waiting to meet some new friends. Suddenly there was a rush of white as 4 or 5 dogs came barreling out of the back into the visiting room. Leslie brought us Winston. I asked her if she had brought Rufus. too. “No,” she said. “Rufus wasn’t ready to come out.”

Carol and I took Winston, a lovely little Bichon mix, out for a stroll. He was a good, energetic dog, well-behaved and gentle. We went around the block a couple of times then sat on some stairs. He came and sat next to Carol. He was a great dog, for sure. We took him back to the mass of fur that was the visiting room and handed him back to Leslie. “Can we see Rufus?” I asked.

We waited for several minutes, watching the dogs and the people find one another. Then Leslie appeared with this beautiful dog who had the soulful look that, by this time, I recognized. He looked so sad. Leslie handed us the leash and we headed for the door. Rufus reluctantly followed. We barely got him outside. He didn’t want to take a walk. I picked him up, surprised at his heft, and carried him across the street to a little patch of grass. Carol and I sat next to him. Leslie was with us, concerned that Rufus wasn’t being cooperative and wasn’t showing well. Rufus sat down. And stayed that way. Carol and I looked at him, petted him, scratched him. He wasn’t indifferent, just, well, wary. Leslie picked Rufus up and carried him back to the visiting room. Carol and I sat on the floor. She put Rufus down to mingle with the other dogs. Rufus moved off as far away from the pack as possible and sat. Many of the other dogs jumped on us, gave us licks, played with us. Rufus sat. Perhaps ten minutes passed, and then, quite suddenly, there on my left, close by, sat Rufus. He came close and leaned on me. I scratched his soft ears. He walked over to Carol, who’s depth of caring and love in easily recognized by animals, and nuzzled her hand. Jeanine watched. Rufus was now unwilling to leave us, and that was fine. “You can foster him, you know, try him out. See if it works for you guys.” Jeanine said. Carol looked at me. “He needs us, Allen.”

Amazingly, Rufus walked to our car easily and just as easily jumped in. He’s a great car passenger. As we neared our house, Rufus surprised us by sitting up and getting a little excited, as if he knew he was coming home. He went from the parked car in the garage to our house as if he’d been there all his life. Our life with a dog had begun.

The next day we went to Centinela Pet to get Rufus food, a new harness and leash and a bed. Reluctantly, which was how Rufus approached any hint of a walk, he came into the store with us. He stopped at the door, sniffed, lifted his leg and peed. Carol didn’t know what to do. I laughed and assured her, given the state of the door post, that Rufus wasn’t the first dog to mark that particular spot. There was a display of dog beds about twenty feet from the door. Rufus went right for it, jumped into the one specifically designed for a small horse and settled down. He wasn’t going to move from that bed. Okay, we thought, he picked his bed, now let’s get him the one that best fits him. We had to lift him out of the bed to get him going. We found the aisle where the beds lived. I pulled out the medium sized one. He jumped in and again settled down. I went to another bed I thought he might like. Rufus roused himself, got out of his now-favorite bed, walked slowly over to the bed I’d laid out for him, lifted his leg and peed on it, strolled back to the bed he chose and jumped back in. Carol felt humiliated and didn’t know what to do. I, however, thought it was great. Rufus had just taught us our first lesson in communicating with him.

Rufus loves his bed. He also loves sleeping with us on our bed, often burrowing under the covers or pushing pillows aside so he could make himself a nest. Each day that passed Rufus seemed a little more comfortable and a little less depressed. I wrote Jeanine,

We have a lot to learn about dogs! Rufus has been coming out of his shell quickly. He loves sleeping on our bed; doesn’t want to get out of it in the morning. He doesn’t seem to like to take walks at all and eats and drinks very little. He loves a rawhide dog bone we bought for him and chewed the life out of it. Overall, he’s a good doggie but does so many non-doggie things, like not devouring his food or not wanting to play in the dog park. We’re a bit confused. Thirty six years of being with cats seems poor training for having a dog companion. We’ll keep you up to date on our progress.

Slowly, Rufus began to eat a little more. He continued to be averse to walks and only mildly happy about dog parks. He did clearly prefer, though, to be off leash. Once, when he saw me holding one, he began to shake. Carol thought that it clearly indicated that he was punished by being hit with a leash at some time in his past. I hid the leash in my pocket and made certain that it never dangled in a threatening way. He never exhibited that same fear again.

Carol wrote to Jeanine asking if we could either talk to Rufus’ former people or at least learn a little about his background, hoping that knowing more about him would help us better understand and care for him. Jeanine emailed back that his former owners didn’t want to have any contact with us. I emailed her back:

Thank you, Jeanine. As long as the questions are answered, no need to talk to him. I suspect anyone who’d give up a dog like Rufus just because of a divorce isn’t a very nice person anyway. Rufus continues to learn how to be more of a doggie. He went for a nice stroll last evening. He is still the laziest dog in the world, lol. He prefers to jump up onto the bed and lie down than anything else. We know it’ll take time for us to learn his habits and he to learn ours. Carol is a wonderful and patient person and is now taking him to work with her. I expect he’ll spend 3 – 4 times a week there with her and the rest of the time with me and the weekends with all of us together. There is still much for us to learn about the differences between having cat companions and a doggie companion. Will keep you posted as to his progress.

As it turned out, Rufus actually has come to spend pretty much all his time with me, at home. He loves it. And truth to tell, so do I. He sleeps most of the day, on the couch not 3 feet from where I work.

By the second week, we thought it was time to take Rufus to the vet for a checkup and to hopefully learn more about him. He had proven himself quite an exceptional doggie at our Thanksgiving dinner. He didn’t beg. He didn’t react badly to all the new people. He had fun with my older grandkids and didn’t growl at or try to eat our 2 year old granddaughter. Clearly he was quickly moving from being fostered to being adopted, though probably that was a certainty by the second day he spent with us. We asked Jeanine to recommend a vet. She actually made an appointment with one of the vets who works with Bichons & Buddies. It was a good visit, no fuss and we did indeed learn some new things about Rufus.

After the visit we emailed Jeanine.

Had a nice visit with Dr. Housley today. She thought Rufus was in pretty good health but had a problem with his right rear leg. He badly needs a teeth cleaning, but she couldn’t find any broken tooth, so that was good news. She thought he was probably closer to 7 to 8 years old, rather than 4. She also, as did Carol, thought he was probably depressed and needed a little time to get his bearings. He had a very good day yesterday, Thanksgiving. He was great with all the people who came to visit, even with our 2 year old granddaughter, who wanted to spend every minute hugging him. He didn’t beg, but surely wanted as much turkey as people were willing to give him. We kept the feeding to a very small minimum since he has to lose 4 pounds. He continues to seem less unhappy every day. He now greets us both with vigorous tail wagging and doggie kisses. He plays a little bit. He loves being on our bed, hiding his head under the covers. Rufus still doesn’t love walks and only reluctantly goes out to the dog park. To our great relief, no doggie accidents, either. I posted Rufus’ picture on my Facebook page. He was a hit with my friends. We’re hanging in with him and intend to work as hard as we can to get him out of his depression and make him as happy as he can be. He’s a very sweet dog.

Thanksgiving proved an important moment for us. The way he behaved with the people who visited, the way he changed every day, to a happier, less depressed dog, the way we, Carol and I, we’re learning more about him and liking everything we discovered, made the decision easy. I emailed Jeanine the next day.

Jeanine, I noticed that Rufus is still on the website. You can safely take him off. I do believe he has a permanent home here. He grows on us more each day. And I believe the feeling is mutual. He’s no longer being fostered. Consider him adopted. I promise you, we won’t give up on Rufus. He’ll be here for as long as he wants. Carol and I won’t let him go back into a shelter environment, even one as kind as yours. He deserves as good a life as we can give him.

It’s hard to believe. Rufus has been with us nearly a month now. I introduced Rufus to our neighbors and their children last week. As he is wherever he goes, Rufus was a big hit. He took a special liking to a three year old girl, Ingy, who happens to be my favorite little neighbor, and kept moving over to stand closer to her. All the kids loved him, petted him, gave him treats. He was gentle, sweet uncomplaining and a great doggie citizen. As his personality comes out, as result of his depression lifting, Rufus has revealed himself as something of a clown. He loves to burrow in pillows and dive under the covers and act silly with his toys. He’s especially fond of soft and squeaky ones. He’s making friends at the dog park more easily. He made a two new friends today, a rescue Bichon, Simon, that so much looks like he that it’s like watching a dog play with his own image in a mirror and a little pup, with whom he actually ran around and did a play bow. He greets us with wagging tale and smiles when we come home. He loves to see Carol arrive at night. His tail is now constantly resting happily on his back, not down between his legs. Both he and I are learning the best ways to communicate with one another. I’ve been leaving the front door open and allowing him his choice about when he needs to visit the park. It’s works well. He goes to the gate and waits for me, I clip him into his new harness and he happily walks beside me. Tonight he was bothered by a bigger dog. Instead of cowering, he ran to me, sat down beside me and told me to protect him. He got his new tag over the weekend, proclaiming that he is our companion and loudly announcing his name. I think he appreciated the gesture.

As with all encounters, especially those with animals, I’m learning. Rufus has reminded me of a strong and important lesson: put expectations aside and accept and appreciate what’s given to you. Rufus was not the dog I pictured when I fantasized about having one. He’s not the standard Poodle I always saw sitting next to me while I drove around in my little sports car, his head sticking up proudly, ears blowing in the wind. He’s not the energetic, ball-chasing buddy I thought dogs were supposed to be. No. He’s Rufus, a gentle, loving soul who needed us as much as we needed him to take away some of the pain from losing Catcher and Pandora. He’s his own dog and he’s a delight. He’s better than my fantasy dog because he is our dog. And though I’m still a cat person in my heart, Rufus has burrowed into it, found room beside those felines. Welcome home, Rufus. We love you.

Thank you,




Hi Ginger,

Just wanted to let you know everything is going great with Tori, we renamed him Finn. He does not care about the cats at all, they are still getting used to him but he has not tried to chase them once, it has gone far better then we expected. I just wanted to thank you for the new addition to our family. I have attached a couple pictures of him playing in his new yard. Please send the the address where you woud like the collar and leash sent back to.

Thank you,




Hi Ladies,

Remember Boggie (now Buddy)?

Here he is, looking great after grooming and trimming this morning.
He is a fantastic guy, perfect in every way.

I can’t imagine a better “buddy”.

Thank you for everything you do for these little guys and especially for saving Buddy for me.

Best to you both.

Jim Lilley



Hi, I met Sanford today. Barbara and her son came directly to my shop to show him off!! She is talking about a second one already, and mentioned the little Bl & Wh one you have. I think they will be calling you. She wanted the rest of her family to help choose.

This is a great home. I’m so happy they came to the adoption. I though they were on Sunday. Is it just because of Fathers Day it was Sat??

Anyway, her is a photo of them at the shop. What a cutie pie he is!!

Hope you placed a lot today!!



Paco Frankie_Paco

Hi Jeanine!

So sorry it has taken me forever to write you…been meaning to for weeks now! I just wanted to let you know that Frankie (girl) and Paco
(boy) are the lights of our lives. They bring us so much happiness. We really are so overwhelmed with just how they’ve worked themselves into our hearts. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to bring them to us… We really could not imagine our lives without them.




Hi Jeanine

Hope all is well. Just wanted to update you and let you know Nolan is doing great and has been such a fun and loving addition. As my neighbor said the other day – “you look into his eyes and can almost see his soul”. He is kind and gentle and just a pleasure to be around. In a few months I am taking him to be a certified therapy dog so I can take him into the Children’s Hospitals and let his special touch bring a smile to a child.

P.S. Although we do not live near the ocean, we do live near Lake Erie and Nolan (Nolie Cannolie) loves the lake and the breeze it brings!)

Take Care



Hi Jeanine

We do want to keep him! We are totally in love with him. He has been amazing and such a great dog! We did want to let you know about a few things with him- we took him to the vet yesterday just to get a thorough check up. He may have had an ear infection so we got him some drops for that. He also has been biting his paws a lot- which the vet said could be an allergy since his breed tends to have sensitive skin. We picked up some hydrocortizone spray that seems to help a bit. He also has a little cough that the vet said is either kennel cough, but she said kennel cough would be a full cough with his mouth open; or something called reverse sneezing that happens when he gets excited and keeps his mouth closed. It seems his mouth is closed, but it still could be kennel cough. Have you heard him do this or do you have any thoughts about this or anything for it? Mostly wanted to make you aware of this as it can be contagious for the other dogs he was around. We had a stool sample ran for him which came back clean, except that he had traces of gerardia that don’t seem to be active, but something that he had in the past and could come back. The vet said if he has diarhea or blood in his stool to have this retested. He also seems to get carsick when we take him on some quick rides.

We got him a new ID tag and changed his name to Breaker, which he seems to respond to already. We can get you back the tag he came to us with. He really has been wonderful and adjusting quickly. He’s had some days where he seems a little different than the day before, but we know this is normal during his transition period. Do we need to sign any papers to make his adoption official? Do we need to transfer his microchip to our names and contact info?
Thanks for checking in with us. Look forward to hearing for you soon!

Desiree and Richard


Marlet_Max Tiger

Hi Jeanine,

I told Jon to send you an email with the chip number. Everything is going great. We changed the names of the dogs from Ajax to Tiger and from Desi to Puddin’. I took them to the vet the other day and the vet said they are healthy and very happy dogs, very well behaved too. He also removed the stitches for both Puddin and Tiger. Tiger’s stitches were placed too tight and dug into his skin… so he just removed the stitches. Thank you again for everything and for helping us find these two adorable additions to our home. I’ve attached pictures of them for you.

Best Wishes,




That is the BEST thing I could hear! Thank you!

I’ve attached some pix I had from his stay with us as well in case you could use them. He is a VERY VERY special dog. We’ve fostered many and he truly was my favorite!
We will be in touch soon!




Dear Jeanine;

I was just thinking about you and thought I would drop you an email to let you know that Ozzie is doing great. I am so in love with this dog, Alfy gets jealous but he too has been a real trooper and the addition of Ozzie into our family I think has helped Alfy as well. The only negative thing about Ozzie is that I cannot travel for long periods of time because I can’t stand being away from him for too long!!!!! Thanks for bringing him into our lives, we are all much better off because of it!

All the best,



Here’s some photos of Trevor (now Joey) and his brother Ricky. Aren’t they adorable?


Marlet_Max Marley

Hello Jeanine,

Hope all is well with you and Bichon & Buddies. I wanted to give you a little update on Quentin who we adopted from you on Oct. 31, 2009 and we changed his name to Marley. I’m not sure if you remember but we had another Bichon named Max and we were looking for a friend for him. When we brought Marley home it was estimated that he was about 2 years old but it didn’t seem correct as he seemed to have all of the traits of a puppy. Chewing, peeing everywhere and really no idea of basic commands. We took him to our vet for a first checkup and he thought that Marley was no more than 1 year old. Marley seemed very timid and quiet in the beginning and he would eat, eat, eat. The vet assured us that within 3 weeks he would come around to be a great companion and would eat less as he became more comfortable with the environment.

Well sure enough, both you and the vet were correct, Marley is a great loving dog. Marley and Max are best buds, they play almost all day and when they are tired they use each other as pillows.

Anyways, I am attaching a couple of pics one on the day that we adopted Marley and another after his grooming a couple of weeks ago. I thought that you would like to know that Marley is doing great and loves his new home.

Thank you for all that you do to help these dogs find homes.

Jim Fizznoglia


Hi Jeanine,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. We love our adorable 3 month old puppy, whom we’ve named Coco. Coco is energetic, smart, friendly and sweet with the kids. She has such a loving personality and her true character comes out more and more every day.

When you have the time, can you please forward the info for the vet to get her shots & get spayed? I will also include my address in case you do find any of the puppy’s paperwork.

Thanks again,

Karen Shandrow


Dear Jenine:

Thank you for your efforts and your passion for saving bichons and buddies. Because of your efforts we were able to adopt Bailey on January 2, 2010.

We wanted a friend for our poodle/bichon mix. She is very sweet, but also very assertive when playing with others. When Bailey came up and was more than a match for her when they wrestled and played, we knew he was for us.

Bailey has turned out to be a wonderful friend for Reba and a great addition to our family. Bailey is sweet, outgoing, very smart, playful and an intrepid adventurer. He and Reba play together and wrestle all day long, taking time to sleep before playing again. We consider Bailey to be a blessing to our family and we love him very much. He is really adapting well and appreciates a constant home and getting fed well. My wife Aurora and I recognize that this gift wouldn’t be a part of our family if it wasn’t for your efforts. Thank you again.

Alan Kenney

Ringo & Thunder

this is our Briard, Ringo Starr.

He’s 2.5 y/o. Seems like he’s a-okay with the little pup.

Would you be contacting PetVet for his 3rd set of shots and neuter next month to ensure its at the rescue rate?




Hi Jeanine!

Merry Christmas!

Carter and Colby are doing great. The kids just love them. I have to say that Carter has changed my life…he’s my little “terrorist”. I hope you are doing well.

Take Care!

Cathy, Steve, Ryan, Kierra, Carter and Colby Houston



I just wanted you to know that we are delighted to have Tully, which we now call Teddy. We’ve had him now about two months and he has been great. A few issues in the beginning with vomitting, but has been fine since. He does have accidents in the house and I would appreciate any suggestions on how to prevent them. He has learned to use the doggy door but still has random accidents.

I was also wondering if there is a groomer you recommend that is familiar with bichons.

I attached a picture of Teddy with our girls. They just adore him!

Gloria Farmer


Hi Jeanine!

I just wanted to send you this picture of Clover and my girls. She is so happy here and adjusted so quickly! Everyone in the family is so in love with her. She is so sweet and is now my girls wake up alarm! She knows right at 7 am to jump on the girls beds and lick their faces until they get up! They love waking up to Clover every day :) Thanks for everything again.

Elizabeth Rodriguez


Hi Jeanine,

We adopted Annie (formerly known as Kearny) in the summer of 2009. We specifically wanted a dog that doesn’t shed because my younger daughter is allergic to dogs. We narrowed down our search to a bichon or bichon/poodle mix. We were also very adamant about adopting a dog, as opposed to purchasing an expensive puppy. Adopting is the way to go! You are giving a dog a second chance at life, as they usually come from bad situations. Adoptive dogs are very appreciative of their new family for taking them in (I know that sounds weird, but it’s true)…somehow they know that you are “saving” them and they are grateful to you. Furthermore, many of them are mature and already trained to a certain degree, which takes a lot of the puppy-training headaches away! Been there, done that!
We live in Portland, Oregon. Our biggest roadblock was that there were no bichons or bichon/poodle mixes to adopt in the state of Oregon…literally there were none. I even looked as far as the state of Washington and southern Canada….nothing. However, there are many in the state of California, but most places are unwilling to do out-of-state adoptions…we were very frustrated and feeling hopeless about adopting the breed that we were seeking. That is, until I came across Jeanine at Bichon and Buddies! She was willing to do an out-of-state adoption without any hassles at all. Jeanine is super friendly, easy-going, and a pleasure to work with. She has good instincts about people and I feel blessed that I met her.

When we got Annie, she didn’t know how to do anything that “normal” dogs do. She was very shy and passive. I assume that she was locked in a cage or something for her first couple years of life. She didn’t know how to play with toys, go up or down stairs, or understand where to go to the bathroom…she would stop in the middle of the sidewalk and just go. It only took a couple of weeks for her to adapt to her new home with us and her natural dog instincts kicked in. She is now an awesome, playful, incredibly smart, family loving dog. Her favorite things…belly rubs, taking walks, playing with her toys, and riding in the car…she goes everywhere with us.

We love her and I know she loves and appreciates us. So, THANK YOU Jeanine for giving us the opportunity to give a dog a second chance at life!
On a side note, we had a Boston Terrier before adopting Annie, but because of our daughter’s newly discovered dog allergies we had to give our Boston away to a good home….it was heart-breaking. So, we decided to adopt a “hypoallergenic” non-shedding dog….aka Annie.

Warm Regards,




We truly appreciate all of the work that you do to help us all (both dogs and their people) have happier lives. In 2004 we adopted Lily (formerly Bianca) and she has been a part of our family ever since. My husband was a bit reluctant to take on the responsibility of a dog but he completely fell in love with her (and she with him). Attached is a photo of my daughter, Sophia and Lily at Christmas.

Lily has been a great addition to our family and we are thankful that you and your volunteers were there to give her a chance at a better life.

Kathy Ayrouth


Tonka Tonka_2
Hello Jeanine,

I want to give you an update about Tonka! First, we like the name, because in Sioux Indian it means “Great” and yes, he is a great little dog!

He is a bundle of energy and happiness.

He is eating very well, Nature Balance, or also Nature’s variety that my other dog used to eat. I mix the food with fresh organic ground beef, rice, apples or blueberries and vegetables. They also receive their supplements, in vitamins, fish oil or flax seed oil.
We walk them everyday, for 30 minutes or more, on the Shoreline park, 2 blocks away from our house.

Tonka has little habits, that he showed us the first day we had him. After his lunch or dinner, he likes to go and run in the backyard, and play with toys.

He likes also to hold his leash while we walk him, and also takes my other dog by the leash to show him how to walk. He is really a lot of fun for everybody. We are training him everyday, and he responds very well to basic commands, like sit or down.

My other dog has been transformed since Tonka came into our lives. He is now playing with Tonka or with us, he is more relaxed and happier. I realize how depressed and sad he was before, when we his mom was still with us. But now things are going very well for these little guys. They are best friends ever!

I attach a few pictures for you to see…

I hope you will enjoy…




Dear Bichons and Buddies!

Almost four months ago, my fiance and I were ready to make the big move and get a little baby doggie. We came to Bichons and Buddies, and met some sweet dogs but Timmy (renamed Helmut Joe Merlin, AKA Smelly
Joe) was giving us hugs on our legs the entire time we were hanging out with him. That night, we could not get him out of our minds. I was actually staring at pictures of him on the website while my finance laid next to me. She caught me and thought it was cute. The next day, we were laughing at each other cause we both knew we wanted him as our own.

He had Kennel Cough, and no hair on the end of his nose when we got him. He’d also been shaved down to almost nothing because of his matted hair. He is now a healthy little man with a hairy nose and we keep him pretty short haired cause that’s the way we fell in love with him. He is the sweetest, most gentle little man and is strangely excited when we show any kind of affection towards each other- He goes crazy for kisses and cannot seem to stop himself when we hug or kiss- Very cute… He sleeps in Marie’s arms every night and spends the days with me, eating yummy chicken and chilling at the studio making da bomb tracks.

Thank you Jeanine for all your love and support, and all you do for these wonderful little creatures!

Nik and Marie


Abby Abby_2 Abby_3

Jeanine, I thought you might like to see some pictures of Abby with her new family. I had a family photoshoot scheduled on the same day we picked her up from the shelter, so it was just natural that she come with us. She has made a permanent place in our hearts, for sure! =)

Thanks for the antibiotics. We got them in the mail and I’m going to start her on them today. I’ve been sick in bed for a few days now, and she’s barely left my side the whole time. She’s a wonderful companion! Thanks for everything!




He has been so amazing-he slept with lily last night-under the covers and on half the pillow right next to her-like an old married couple-so cute! He has been so playful this morning-the kids are having a great time with him-
I will let you know how he is doing as more time goes by-thank you so much for bringing him into our lives-you are such a blessing to these little angels and the families who love them!

thanks again




Oh so glad that Lale’s getting a home. The two of them will happily ride off into the sunset together =)

(Please keep me posted – would love to help care for her, just in case things don’t work out.)

Thanks so much for all you do! Your big heart and kindness has given me such happiness. Monster is such an amazing dog – so sweet and happy and easy. He’s been an inspiration to me and everyone in the neighborhood adores him. He’s got a ton of fans and has more friends than I do! Thanks again for the blessing you’ve given me.

I just signed up for your mailings thru the site and would love to help support. Looking forward to the fund raiser!

All the best,



auggie_2 Krystal_2 Krystal_3

HI Jeanine!

Sorry it has taken so long to keep you posted but I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Julie (aka Krystal) is doing with us. She’s a highly energetic girl who NEEDS children and lots of attention and she has it with us! She adores them and they play nonstop. Our Chihuahua Ginger has accepted her and is even happier now that the pressure has been lifted and the kids aren’t in HER face all the time and play with Julie instead! She is just a wonderful little girl and it’s amazing how resilient she has been with such a sad past.

At first, it was so much work and it was so hard making sure Ginger didn’t feel displaced and they got along (I kept thinking, what have I gotten myself into!!), but after the period of adjustment passed, Ginger and Julie are buddies and we can’t imagine life without her. She is a very happy girl and we are so lucky to have her. Thanks so much for all your good work and here are some photos for you.


Viviana Wynne




The moment I saw a picture of Wyatt on your website, I knew he was going to be our new family member. Confirmation came when you recommended Wyatt to us after we had filled out an application even though I had not mentioned any of the names of available dogs that I was interested in. We met Wyatt on May 1st, 2009 and took him home that same day. Our lives have not been the same since and he has brought nothing but joy to my entire family and our friends that he has met. We already have a waiting list of friends and family who have offered to watch Wyatt for a weekend!

The agreement before we decided to adopt a dog was that I would be the primary caregiver and that my daughter Sophie would help with dog care giving duties. However, the second my wife Barbara laid eyes on Wyatt and met him at a foster home, she fell in love and has been a doting mom ever since. She still can get over how adorable Wyatt is and finds it hard to believe such a wonderful creature was alone on the streets at one time.

My daughter was so overjoyed upon meeting Wyatt that she cried. Needless to say, Sophie is a very happy girl who now has a new friend and loyal companion. She also takes great pride in taking care of Wyatt and making sure that he gets his exercise, is safe and loved.

We would like to thank you again for introducing us to Wyatt and enriching our lives with the cutest little guy imaginable. The process to adopt Wyatt was painless and we appreciated your advice to us first time dog owners. Registering Wyatt on PetTrac was much appreciated and since he had already adapted to a high quality brand of dog food, there was no painful process of elimination to determine the best diet for him.

Thanks again!

Glenn Burks



Dear Jeanine,

We are so sorry that it has been so long since we last contacted you.
We just wanted to let you know how much Zander (now Barney) has made our lives richer. We now have a four month old son, and we have moved to Pasadena. Barney is amazing around the new baby. The attached photo tells all.

Thank you so much for giving us such a gift.


Jennifer Golub and Ray Marcus



Remember me? I moved to Irvine in Dec 2005, and have been the princess ever since. However, I am of the belief that I’m the nanny of the house, so here I lay on daddy’s legs when he was sick with a cold (also intensely watching an Angel game).

Lilly (the best dog ever according to my family)




Sorry it took me so long to send you these pictures of Mytsee (Poppy). She has been a perfect addition to our family and brings us lots of joy and laughter. Such a character!!!
As you can see in the pictures her and her brother, Simba, get along quite well. Honestly…she is a big dog in a little dogs body and holds her own with him.

Thanks again,

Elena Decker



“Jeanine, I just wanted to let you know how well Lulu (Amber) is
working out for us. I fell in love with her when I first saw her.
She has brought joy, happiness, love, and laughter into our home.
She now knows this is her home and she is perfect for us. She has gained weight and is a happy little girl. She loves everyone and she loves to cuddle. We have a big back yard so she wakes up in the morning and takes this little stuffed duck and runs all over the yard throwing it up in the air. We feel blessed to have her in our lives. Thanks for all you do for these animals.”

Lulu with her “Ducky”.


Bailey & Pooh

HI Jeanine,

My husband and 2 year old son recently started asking for a dog. Our last dog passed away several years before our son was born. I turned to my friend and boss Leslie asking if she had any suggestions. I needed a dog that would be good with a 2 year old and my two cats. She offered to get in touch with Janean???? She thought she might have a good dog for me and we arranged to meet. The person who brought over the dog also brought another dog with her that she was bringing back from the groomer. That other dog was “Conrad” aka Bailey. My son and I really liked him. we decided to take him home for the weekend to meet the rest of the family. My husband loved him and tthe cats “put up with him”. He is a great dog. Thank you so much helping me find a wonderful addition to our family. I am now hooked on bichons!!!

Here are some really cute pictures of Bailey & Pooh. Two of your graduates!!


Valerie Olvera



By the way, I have not spoken to you in nearly two years since I adopted a little fluff (renamed Roman from Casper) in October 2006. I can not thank you enough for allowing Roman to join our family. It took him a while to warm up to us (more me for some reason than my husband) but when he did there was no stopping him. He is such a great little guy and quite the character. He loves my girls ages 4 1/2 and 2 1/2! He loves to do the Bichon Buzz and there is so much laughter in my house when he does. Roman is the cutest little guy and we consider ourselves so incredibly lucky to have found your organization.

Around the same time, we also rescued a 14 year old poodle Frosty (we kept his name since he had it for a while) from the Brittney Foundation and were worried how they would get along since they are both boys and Frosty was a bit cranky in the beginning. Well, from the moment they met, they have been the best of friends. Roman keeps Frosty young. It is amazing to watch.

A long overdue thank you!

Take care,



Dear Jeanine

It was just over a year ago that my mom & I came and visited you & adopted Laverene.She is a shaggie little Norwich Terrier mix. She is now named Maggie. She is the love of our life, pampered ,played with, walked a lot and again LOVED. . Maggie is always at our side and is a tremendous partner and companion. My dad recently passed away and Maggie has really helped my mom cope with this huge loss. It is really amazing how much love a dog can bring into your life.

I just wanted to let you know how well Maggie (AKA Laverne) is doing. Most importantly I wanted to thank you from every corner of my heart for letting us adopt her. You let us into your home on a Sunday morning and knew that we were the one’s for this little creature. You were right. Maggie is the queen of this household and always gets the best.
Many many thanks Jeanine.



I have the most adorable mutt that I adopted thanks to you. I called him BUBALE which means my dearest in Hebrew. There are no words to thank you. I hope that when I retire I can take off another one or two off your hands.
Everything is working out great. It has been 2-1/2 years. Both of us adore each other. Love ya.



Hi Jeanine,
It is my pleasure! Not sure you remember who we are – about a year and half or so ago we Hi Jeanine,

The website looks great. I wanted to let you know how well Champ is doing. He is our love. We have had him for 3 years now. He is very well trained. We are on the waiting list for an agility class but he has had two obedience classes an a sheepherding class (he’s a natural herder). He is quiet in our apartment and he is the rave of the neighborhood. Everyone stops us on our walks to pet him and he loves it. I tell everyone about your service. I wish I could donate money and sometime I will, but I certainly tell anyone who asks me about Champ, about your adoption service.

I’m glad to see you have so many dogs. If my landlady would allow it I’d take another one.

Best of luck to you and thanks for keeping me on your list!

Caron Murray



Hi Jeanine,
It is my pleasure! Not sure you remember who we are – about a year and half or so ago we adopted Yogi, You guys told us he was a rescue from a puppy mill. He was so frightened! But he has come a long way – and gotten to be a fairly big boy.

While we still cannot reach down and just pick him up – he now approaches us for chin rubs and if we put our face down, he will give kisses as long as you can keep your head there. Yogi is the sweetest animal – not a mean bone in his body.

When we adopted Yogi, we already had one Bichon, Zack, however about 6 months ago we were fostering a little guy (poodle – cocker mix) that a dear friend of mine rescued from a shelter – we did all the good things foster parents do – took him to the adopt fairs etc. When they called us and told us they had a family who wanted to adopt him – we immediately became “failed foster parents” – had to keep him! His name is Alphie and he has brought a completely new dimension to Yogi’s world, they play, run, and jump on each other it is the best!!!!

We think that in time Yogi will let us reach down and get him, but for now when we want to hold him we pull him from under the bed (his safe place) and just sit and stroke him for a few minuets and let him go – we are trying to show him that when we hold him he is not a prisoner – he never fights us when we do this – but his eyes get a little big –

We love him to death!

I have attached a recent picture of our 3 boys – I look lousy – but our boys are very cute.

Just wanted to let you know that Yogi is in a good place and slowly but surely continues tom make big baby steps.

Keep up the good work!

Warm Regards,

Leslee Tarlov & Peter Singer


auggie_1 auggie_2 auggie_3

Hi! Just wanted to send you an update and some pictures of our precious little boy. We adopted him from you on Montana Ave in June 2008. Our beloved poodle mix had just died days earlier and we were heartbroken. We stopped by only to say hello and “Duffy” ran straight up to us with the saddest sense of longing. We didn’t think we were ready to adopt again so soon after losing our dog, but he took our breath away with his sweet brown eyes and the way he waited patiently for you to return. No question, he knew you were his angel. You’d left him there with another group while you took a load of dogs home. We were told that he was living at the vet’s for the time being as he’d been hit by a car recently and had been dumped back off at the animal shelter a second time.

He had a a slight limp and would wince when picked up. He was shaved down and not really the cutest dog in the world. He seemed scared of his own shadow at times. But there was something special about him and we knew we were meant to be his family. I spoke to you on the phone and we took him home that very day.

We changed his name to Auggie. He is the most amazing dog I’ve ever known. He is truly a member of the family. No longer does he have any sign of a limp. He takes lots of walks (loves to seek out squirrels!) and his confidence has grown and blossomed. We love him so much. I am eternally grateful to you for trusting us with his care. I’m attaching some recent photos of Auggie taken during Christmas vacation. He accompanied us to my family’s farm in Texas, where he experienced what I imagine is his first snow storm (which he LOVED) and met llamas and cows and chickens and kittens. The dog that was once scared of everything is now running through the snow and hanging out with llamas. Crazy! He had a blast. It was a treat to watch him play on the farm. At the airport other travelers thought he was a teddy bear until they saw him blink! He is THAT patient and gentle. I tell you, he is the most amazing little guy. We are constantly in awe at his loving heart and sweetness. He can stare into your eyes and communicate like no other dog I’ve ever met.

Anyway, wanted to give you a 2 and 1/2 year update on him! He’s doing great and is loved dearly.

Thank you for saving him.

Mary, Jerry, and Megan



Jeanine –

Two years ago this March we came to you looking to adopt a companion for our little pal Rocky. You hooked us up with Marcel, now Louie. He’s a sweetheart. He’s playful and sweet. Every night, he climbs in his dog bed on the floor next to me. He likes nothing more than to go for a long walk, then come home and sit right next to us (with one paw on our leg). He had some kennel cough when we got him but since then he’s been the picture of health. We love him and can’t imagine life without him. We’re so glad that we chose to adopt him and if we ever decide to get another dog, we’ll be visiting you again. Thanks for what you did for us and all you do for so many dogs in need. Joe


Dear Jeanine:


I don’t know if you remember me from four years back when I adopted “Delta” (now named Bridget) from Small Paws — the one with bad teeth? (By the way, we now live in New York).

Anyway, I am pleased to report that she is doing wonderfully after all of these years and is the love of my new husband’s and my lives! In fact, for a while she became certified to be a doggy visitor at the hospital, sitting on the beds of the sick. It was quite an honor to qualify and pass those tests.

Thanks for all! Lauren


Hi Jeanine,


I just wanted to update you on my adoption of one of your little ones. When I got him from you, the name was “Puff”, if that maybe helps you remember. Anyway, this great little guy is now named “Teddie”, as in he’s my little Teddy Bear. I have to tell you, Teddy was been a true blessing. He is the sweetest little guy! He’s so affectionate, loves to play fetch, loves the dog park, loves riding in the car, etc. Teddy especially loves our daily morning and evening walks. He just gets so excited when we come upon other dogs. He gets so excited about saying hello to everyone! When we walk by people, they all say “That is the happiest looking dog I’ve ever seen!” Teddie just makes me laugh every single day. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your organization. You and all your volunteers are doing great things.

Thanks so much,

Kathryn Scheidler


Dear Jeanine,

Iggie auggie_2 Iggie_3
We adopted Iggie (formerly Rasta) April 15, 2005 and our life has not been the same since. Iggie has brought nothing but joy, love, and laughter to our life. He is the sweetest, cutest, and most lovable little guy. He is an angel to us.

He LOVES to play ball with his squeaky ball and other squeaky toys, he loves our long walks, hanging out at home, and loves going to the dog park. The photos that are attached are Iggie’s first day at the beach. It has been wonderful to watch Iggie blossom and grow. He has his favorite spots around the house, like the top of the back of the couch, his bed, our bed, and my Mom’s bed. As I write this note to you, he is laying next to me looking adorable as usual. He most certainly knows how loved he is by us and my entire extended family.

We cannot thank you enough for introducing us to Iggie. He has been a true blessing in our life. Thank you Bichons and Buddies!


Natalie and Tim Brown


Dear Jeanine,


About 2 1/2 years ago we adopted our dog Jack from you. He has been the light of our lives and we cannot remember life without him. Even after all this time my kids still can’t wait to get home from school and see Jack as he sits by the front door and waits for them every afternoon. We are even a certified therapy team through Delta society.

Last month we had to move from southern California to Virginia and due to unforeseen circumstances Jack had to go ahead of us and stay in a kennel in Stafford, VA for a week without us. It was the first time we had been separated from him and it was hard on everyone. When I went to pick him up at the kennel, there on the counter (3,000 miles from California) was a Bichon and Buddies card. I was shocked! I asked the girl at the counter where she got the card and she had no idea! She thought one of the clients must have left it (it was on a little display “thingy” for cards). I picked it up and looked at it and sure enough, it was you! How weird! It made me feel a little better for leaving him there for a week!!! I just thought I would pass on that mystery to you. Your rescue seems to be reaching little towns across the east coast!


Delena Sinclair


Hi Jeanine


Hello Jeanine; Nugget is doing better than anyone could expect. He fits is so well it’s like he has been with us for years. We feel Missy D, our other Jack Russell thinks, we got Nugget for her. Nugget is her pal and best friend. Missy D is teaching Nugget the ropes on hunting Squirrels and other game we have here on the property. It’s a good thing the game we have here are faster runners the our two Jack Russell’s. This morning they chased a deer of our property protecting our vegetable garden. Anyways thanks again for everthing,

Thanks, Fred and Sharon

It is hard to separate our two Jack Russell’s and get Nugget by himself. In this picture Missy and Nugget are playing tug of war with a seperated wing of a chew stuffed duck toy. The kind of toy would give a young Lab. Yes go ahead and use the picture and anything else that will help dogs like Nugget get adopted. Two years ago I received a broken neck from a construction accident and can only sleep on my back and the only place Nugget will sleep is between my legs. Everyday is a new adventure for Nugget and We can’t wait to see what awaits for him and us. His new adventure is digging after Mountain Beaver. Mountain Beavers live underground, it is fun to see dirt flying in all directions and see this white dog turn brown. Thanks again Jeanine.

Sincerely yours,

Fred Hanquet


Dear Jeanine:


You let Jackson! come home with me in July 2004 (you brought him as > the Small Paws rep under the name Bobby; when I brought him home he’d been re-named Toby … my brother named him Jackson!) … You told me he was sold (from a pet store … read puppy mill, of course) as a teacup poodle. I suspect it was when he way outgrew teacup size that his “family” tied him to a fence, failed to have him vaccinated, was badly under-fed, and got a Chihuahua bitch pregnant! You and the vet to whom you took him opined that he’s a Bichon / poodle mix, in my book a Bichoodle. And he is one HAPPY little guy! You may (or may not) remember that my friend Alice, who did the driving from Berkeley (actually she lives in Oroville) to LA when we came to find Jackson! (we visited w/her mother a couple of years ago). Whenever he hears Alice’s car coming in the driveway (or sometimes even in the street!) he starts barking and running around the house–so glad he is to see her. He has several other special people in my extended family, including one of my clients and his 2 daughters, and another of my friends. All of them spend much of their visits to me massaging Jackson! … which may be the secret to being a person who gets an incredibly enthusiastic greeting from my fur boy.

I’ve recently started using an electric scooter when it’s time for Jackson!’s afternoon walk … and people ask me if he’s pulling it because he’s often up on his legs, trying to get the scooter to run faster. I think he missed his calling: he would have made a GREAT circus dog … on his feet, dancing on top of a ball bigger in diameter than he is tall. I don’t know if you consider him a Small Paws rescue, a Bichons & Buddies rescue, or simply a stroke of incredible good fortune for this abused little guy, but I consider him one of the most wonderful additions to my life!

With much appreciation

Jackson! & his person, Joann


Dear Jeanine:


I don’t know if you remember Louie, whom I adopted back in February. His new name is Jack, and I thought you might like to see him now. I’m attaching a photo taken of him earlier this month, right after his summer haircut. As you can see he’s put on a pound or two (he loves to eat). He’s on his favorite spot in the whole world–the couch. As you predicted, his personality has really bloomed–he loves to go for walks, to wrestle, and he’s one smart cookie, too. He’s been a real blessing to have around! Thanks again.


Eileen Wallis


Hi Jeanine:


Don’t know if you remember us in Brentwood: The Sloane family with the 2 kids, lab and 2 cats? Just had to drop you a line and give you the 6 month update on our beloved Teddy. He is the best thing that ever happened to us.he is the happiest, most loved and best looked after bichon/poodle in the whole world. Attached is a pic of his new “do” and you will see how healthy he has become. What a character! We cannot imagine life without him, he truly is the most loving and wonderful dog. Thank you for helping him find his way to us!

Best Wishes,

Embeth Davidtz Sloane


Dear Jeanine,

Casey has made his home with us for more than three years now. We call him our alpha puff ball because he usually manages to be the leader of our pack. He is very sweet and calm, but has very definite ideas about where he wants to go on his walks. Thanks to his dog park experiences and visits with the dogs we meet on walks, he has developed confidence and socialization skills with other dogs.


Casey is an unofficial music therapy dog. Both of us teach music, and Casey is our assistant. He listens to many hours of trumpet lessons, and receives lavish attention from these young students. We also teach music at a local university. Casey goes to rehearsals with us, listening quietly to the classical music, and giving college students who are far from their own home and pets a wonderful “dog fix.” He sometimes licks our students’ toes, sits on their feet, or otherwise demands attention just as they are trying to concentrate on Beethoven or Brahms. Everybody laughs, and Casey is happy to be the center of attention. Casey took a little vacation up to Lake Arrowhead recently, and here are a couple of pictures of him. As you can see, he enjoyed posing next to the dogwood tree. By the way, the Lake Arrowhead Resort welcomes dogs. Casey had a wonderful time meeting other dogs in the hotel’s lobby! We can’t thank you enough, Jeanine, for being Casey’s protector and escort on his journey to a new life with us. He is a very dear part of our family.

Bill and Delores


You may or may not remember me but my husband and I adopted Peaches, a 12-year old female bichon from you in January of 2006. Unfortunately we had to put her to sleep early last Wednesday morning (basically complications from old age), but I wanted you to know how much we loved her and enjoyed having her in our lives this last 2-1/2 years…


She was really kind of my dog. She had had an elderly female owner who passed away so she had a preference for women. The woman’s family couldn’t keep her due to their lifestyle. I saw her picture on your website and knew I had to adopt this girl. Peaches had already been adopted out when I called you but was returned a few weeks later when the new owner returned her to you for health reasons. Lucky for me you still had my number and asked if I still wanted Peaches. I truly feel that it was “meant to be.” I didn’t know I could love a little dog so much – and it was an instant bonding for both of us.
Peaches went to North Carolina with me in May 2006 to visit my elderly parents – my mom was sick and rehabbing next to a memory care center. I walked in there with Peaches and this one lady who was suffering from Alzheimer’s lit up and started to talk to me a little about Peaches. The nursing staff was amazed as the woman was in declining health and for the most part non-verbal. We visited the lady several times over the next two weeks. Peaches was a little therapy dog!
I cherish every day I had with Peaches and take comfort in the fact that she’s no longer crippled or in pain and has been reunited with her original owner.
Thank you for sending me my little doggie soul mate!

I am attaching three pictures… including the one that was on your website, which is one of my favorites of her.

Christine Staley


Just thought I’d send you a new pic of our happy boy, Tucker, whom we adopted from you only 2 months ago. The groomer at Hollywood Hounds (where he has his playdates with pals while I’m out) gave him his groovy new “fauxhawk” do (at our request).


I had to sit down I was laughing so hard, but it’s made him EXTRA popular at the Laurel Canyon dog park…you know they LIKE a free spirit there. He looks extra tough when he does his favorite thing – pick the BIGGEST dog in the park and just bark bark bark til it chases him. He CANNOT be bothered with those “small and timid” dogs in the baby pen. The “armband” is incidental, he had a broken tooth & lots of deep plaque so the vet put him out…but his smile’s now extra handsome.

We’ve also since shaved off the ear fluff so he looks a little bit less like a “sleestack”.

And no, he’s not plugged into the house…

He’s still the funniest dog ever we’ve ever met, and is sooooooo happy…he sleeps on our bed or with King, is fed fresh liver that I cook (ewwwwww but it drastically reduces the tear staining FYI) and now munches on the remnants of the pot roast he made off with (my fault, I forgot the bag on the floor and came home to a giant lump of gnawed meat on the carpet and the dog in a meat coma). He chases squirrels in the yard and visits all his friends on his walks.

I still can’t thank you and your organization enough for being there to rescue him (WHO would throw a dog like this away?!) and, additionally, for bearing with us through the process of finding the RIGHT dog for our family.

Sheri H



Bucky, our two-year-old poodle mix, is everything we were hoping for in a dog: playful, affectionate, smart, easy going, housebroken, and not a barker or chewer. When we began looking for a smaller dog for our new condo, Jeanine was confident she could find us a dog who had all the above qualities, and she was right. It’s hard to believe a rescue dog can be so well-behaved, especially after all that he went through before Jeanine found him.

As new dog owners Jeanine has helped us get oriented with the basics (feeding, grooming, etc), and has made herself an ongoing source for questions as they come up. With Bucky in our lives, the amount of times we smile a day has increased dramatically. We really feel we’ve found the perfect dog for us.

Two years ago this March we came to you looking to adopt a companion for our little pal Rocky. You hooked us up with Marcel, now Louie. He’s a sweetheart. He’s playful and sweet. Every night, he climbs in his dog bed on the floor next to me. He likes nothing more than to go for a long walk, then come home and sit right next to us (with one paw on our leg). He had some kennel cough when we got him but since then he’s been the picture of health. We love him and can’t imagine life without him. We’re so glad that we chose to adopt him and if we ever decide to get another dog, we’ll be visiting you again. Thanks for what you did for us and all you do for so many dogs in need.



Check out the article that appeared in the Sherman Oaks newspaper written by an adopter of mine!

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Dudley — Our Bichon and Buddies Rescue Dog!

Aug 16th, 2009 | By G_Mimms | Category: Just For Pets

We brought Dudley home last June. We adopted him from Bichon and Buddies when he was 9 months old. After 2 days of fun with us, Dudley became very ill. We rushed him to Beverly Oaks — but they didn’t know what was wrong with him. So we called Jeanine of Bichon and Buddies and she immediately drove up to get our Dudley and take him to the Ambassador Vet in Long Beach. Dudley had internal bleeding because of a lack of platelets. Something called Autoimmunune Thrombocytopenia. Bichon and Buddies was wonderful, they paid for all his treatment and we soon had him back at our home where he is very loved and very healthy! Dudley is 11 1/2 momths old now and his doctor is Dr. Steve at the Veterinary Medical Center in Studio City. Dr. Steve is a wonderful vet who even knows Dudley’s name on sight! We just want to say a HUGE thank you to Jeanine of Bichon and Buddies, The Ambassador Vet in Long Beach and Dr. Steve in Studio City for helping us with our rescue pup Dudley! And if you happen to see Dudley on one of our daily walks (sometimes with his Bichon brother , “Larry”) — say “hi” — Dudley loves EVERYONE!

If you’d like to adopt a pet or donate to help rescue dogs — you couldn’t find a better place than Bichon and buddies. Visit them at — http://www.bichonsandbuddies.com