We received an update about Sammy (formerly Hamlet) from his mom Leah:

I just wanted to give you an update on Hamlet. We changed his name to Sammy, and he must love it because he learned his name in the matter of one hour once we got home! He is adjusting very smoothly to his new environment and loves everyone he lives with. Sammy is super attentive to commands and has been easy to train. He has such a personality. I want to share a few quirks that he has, which are just plain adorable.

First off, he is so excited to be around us every day that we have to sit next to him to allow him to eat, otherwise he leaves his food behind to follow us. Also, Sammy doesn't like to sit on the cold, wooden floor. He'll lay down, but not sit. When given the command to sit, he will go on top of his bed or the couch AND THEN sit. And another thing, whenever we leave him once in a while to do a few errands or even just go upstairs where he's not allowed, he moves our shoes and places them neatly onto his bed…IN PAIRS! He doesn't chew on them or anything, he just lays on top of them.

We love this little guy so much, and we are so lucky to have found him at your facility. We know that he was in good hands before we adopted him. Thank you for your hard work saving these precious dogs.                     

We were so happy to get an update from Kathy, Jasper's new mom, who shared news of his new siblings and new home - just look at that view!
Jasper is here at last and he just loves Coco (previously” Chocolate”) and Robbie (not in pic) who is already acting as the Big brother. Little Jasper likes to sit on top of Coco as she is warm and its still breezy here in the spring. We are on the deck taking in the sea air and Jasper is soooo happy with moss that grows everywhere- he is not shivering or being scared, his tail is up and he “runs with the pack”. They are all the same height! It’s so weird that they run in a row together through the garden, Robbie in front, then Coco then Jasper… Jasper is so funny- he keeps bopping his teensy chin in my face… Will send more pics after his check in with the vet on Wednesday next week. Jasper is going to get his teeth cleaned ultra sonic- with sound waves, no anesthesia- He is amazing and quite talkative already-If he hears a strange sound or a strange voice. He is fine sleeping with the others and eating too! What an appetite… But I’m going slowly and just feeding him a 1/3 cup at a time. Jeannine he is just wonderful and is already coming to his name being called. What a good snuggler he is! Will send more news soon and thank you so much for what you do!!!!! 
Here is an update about Macaroon - now Brodie - from his new mom:

Hi Jeanine!

Just wanted to let you know that Brodie (Macaroon) is doing fantastic!!!  He is  such a loving little dog!  It's a good thing he likes to be held and sit on laps as everyone wants him in his arms when we have family gatherings!  My mom says he is perfect!  I agree!

He is making friends with some dogs and he likes our next door neighbour's dog Nikki...she is a rescue from Mexico...and is the same height as Brodie...makes for a fun time between the fence!  (They can totally see each other through the fence, there is a section where it is chain link!) :)

A few photos for you from the weekend...Brodie was taking a siesta on my mom!!  If he is not sleeping on someone, he has a cozy spot infront of "his" gas fireplace!  ;)

Cheers!  Susan

We were so happy to find out that Blazer and Ping we re adopted together by their new mom, Pat!   They now live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia with their new family where they can play and hike on Galloping Goose trail and sit by the fire and relax together.  Pat reports that Blazer has discovered squeaky toys, which are now his favorite and Ping is spending her golden years like a queen with her new family and comfy animal print bed!
Sweet Ares found his forever home in British Columbia, Canada with his new mom, Janet.  He has a big yard to play in and a canine brother, Tavas, to romp around with.  Ares and his new mom are clearly very happy to have found each other and so are we!  

Piper (formerly Daphne) was found begging for food by a taco truck in an industrial area of Los Angeles. A Good Samaritan scooped her up and contacted Bichons and Buddies. Piper was adopted last month and will never have to worry about begging for food ever again. Here’s what her new mom shared: 

"Just wanted to give you an update on Piper and send you a few pics! She is doing really well and we l ove her to bits. She loves going for walks (has to meet every dog along the way, big & small) and car rides. She has no fear of anything or anybody so it wouldn’t surprise me if she wandered off and got lost before she came to us. That is the only way I can think of what happened to her because she is so sweet and I can’t believe anyone could abandon her. She loves everyone who walks through the door and definitely wants to be the center of attention. I worried that my older dog Lexi would be the jealous one but it is Piper who has to have all the love & rubs and can be a noisy little thing when she isn’t. And the two of them get along great, watching them play together is very funny as Piper is so small yet so tough! She’s usually the instigator in these wrestling matches but then gets bored and goes and plays with her toys. Her favorite is a stuffed cow, which is bigger than her (see photo)! Next week she is off for her first appointment with the groomer. It will be interesting to see how she does as she wasn’t very impressed when I tried to give her a bath! 

Thanks again Jeanine! Piper has truly is a gem! I hope all is going well with you and your efforts of saving the lives and finding homes for all these awesome little dogs!"
Just wanted to give our friends at Bichons and Buddies an update on our little Maddigan (Ilsa). We adopted her on Feb 1st and she has adjusted GREAT into our family! She's gained 4 lbs and is looking good. She was so timid at first but now runs around the yard with her brother Finnigan looking for lizards and chasing birds. She's doing great on a leash and loves to go for walks and rides in the car. Thank you everyone at Bichon and Buddies for all the work you do! We LOVE our little Maddigan :)

For those fans that have been with me for a while, you'll remember Phoenix, the poor emaciated half dead little dog abandoned in a shoe box. Phoenix survived and thrived and was adopted by a wonderful lady that works in a law office. We'v e stayed in touch through the years and she's been one of my most ardent supporters. When she and her coworkers suffered the sudden and unexpected loss of a dear colleague, Sandy sprung into action. She decided to honor her friend by taking up a donation in her memory for Bichons and Buddies with the simple request of naming the next female Kathleen. 
I was more than happy to do that. The touching gesture and generosity of all those in her office who donated must have brought great luck to Kathleen because she was adopted in less than a week! 
To all of you who knew and loved Kathleen I offer my deepest condolences. I hope it helps ease the pain knowing that her namesake is embarking on a fresh new life in her new forever home :)


Hi Jeannine.  Suki, who you rescued fro Downey Shelter about 5 years ago, is doing well and is the light of my life.  She had much to overcome and still has significant fear issues.  But most of the time she is one happy little dog.
She excels at Agility, and earned her Canine Good Citizenship certification from the AKC.  Her DNA test indicates she is a purebred poodle.  She is an athletic dog and even climbs trees, which was a big surprise the first time that happened.
I'm sending you this note to thank you for your work and encourage you to keep it up.  Suki is one fantastic dog, and everyday she appreciates having a second chance at life. And I appreciate having a little dog like this in my life.




Well it has been just over a week since Gunner stepped foot into our home. He is just a joy and is really starting to settle in with us. He follows Barbie everywhere she goes. He loves to go for walks. We go and walk 3 or 4 times a day. Thank you both for bringing so much joy to us.



Another great example of how sending dogs to other parts of the country is a win-win for all - especially the dogs!

Happy Levi in his new home!

Hi Ginger,

Remember Levi the poodle you saved out of California? I can not thank you enough for matching our family with Levi. Garrett and Levi are inseparable. Levi is a wonderful, smart, fun spirited dog. Garrett and Levi are attending doggie school together which Levi is sailing through and having great fun. Garrett is thinking about agility training just for fun as Levi is quite agile and goes on all the park playground equipment including the slide!! Thanks for all the good work you and your great team can do to save such wonderful dogs!

We are all so happy!



Happy Marley in his new home!

Hi Jeanine!

I am in love. :) Marley has been an absolutely perfect addition to our family! We've decided to rename him Arlen, which is Irish for "promise". Kobuk has continued to enjoy his new playmate and Reesa has decided she wants to join in the fun, too. It's a riot to watch when the three of them get going! Arlen has no idea he is the smallest of the three and keeps the other two on their toes. Adia continues to watch them from whatever resting place she can find, and I swear she rolls her eyes at their antics. Arlen has adjusted so easily to his new life, and I owe that to you and his foster family. If only more people realized what a joy rescue dogs are with a little love and training. I am very surprised you had him for two months and no one adopted him, but I am grateful at the same time. He fits in as if he always belonged here, and I just can't stop snuggling him!

I could never thank you enough for bringing Reesa and Arlen into my life. It shocks and angers me that they were both so mistreated before, and I sometimes wonder what their previous owners would think if they knew how far they traveled and how very special they both are to me. I saw the post on facebook about my fluffs - what an adorable collage! I laughed at the response that expressed shock about having four dogs. They can be a handful, but are worth every second. :)

I believe you are truly gifted at what you do. You knew Reesa was the perfect match for us even before we did, and you accurately predicted how happy Arlen would be in our multidog home. Beyond that, it takes a special person to come into contact with wonderful, amazing dogs like Reesa and Arlen everyday and be able to give them away, even if it is to good homes. In your last email you thanked me for taking another lucky pooch into my home, but all four of them prove to me that I am the lucky one everyday!!

Thank you for everything!!!