Animal Success Stories


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Wiley was a stray we rescued from the Lancaster Shelter.  He was pretty shy when we first got him out but once he met his new family he knew he was home.


Wylie got the perfect Christmas gift - a home of his own complete with another four-legged buddy to play with!


Woody's original owner went into a nursing home and the relatives contacted us asking if we could take him.  It's always unsettling to hear that not one relative in a family can take on the responsibility of caring for a loved one's companion for the remainder of their life.  Would they give away a child if the parents suddenly died?  Fortunately there are still forever homes out there where people believe  pets are until death do you part.  Woody has found that special home.


Willis is a miracle dog who will always have a special place in my heart.  Four years ago I rescued Willis who was in a deplorable state of neglect.  (Click on this picture to see what he looked like before!) Shortly after he came down with Distemper, a deadly viral disease for which there is no cure and one which I had lost several dogs to in the past.  Willis had the most amazing personality of any dog I ever met and I vowed not to lose him to this insidious disease.  Through intensive research I found a vet that was doing experimental treatment of Distemper using Interferon injections.  I immediately contacted him and got Willis in the next day.  It was touch and go for weeks and the disease ravaged his emaciated body.  I nursed him day and night and held his little head telling him he had a long wonderful life ahead of him.  Miraculously Willis recovered and became my first dog that ever survived Distemper with no residual neurological damage.  Willis was adopted by an amazing family and is this little girl's best friend.  He taught me strength and courage....and to never give up.


Wyatt was doomed at Seaaca Shelter.  He had an useable front leg that had been broken long ago and never fixed.  We were his only hope.  Although his leg had to be amputated, Wyatt adapted quickly.  He's now in his loving forever home with a mom who treats him like a king.


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