Bichons and Buddies

Bichons and Buddies has been dedicated to the rescue of homeless and unwanted  Bichons, Bichon mixes and other small dog breeds since 2004, ensuring they are placed in a forever home that will provide them with the love and care they deserve. 

I started rescuing dogs 14 years ago after I found a sweet little bichon who I later found out had been tossed out of a car.  Although we've come a long way with public awareness of our homeless dog crisis, not much has changed in terms of the staggering numbers of innocent lives that are killed every day due to lack of space in the multitudes of shelters across Southern California. 

Bichons and Buddies has placed over 3,000 dogs in the last 14 years.  Our only financial support comes from donations and every penny goes to the staggering costs of vet care, temporary housing, grooming and supplies.  

In addition to doing local adoptions, we work with rescue partners in Canada where small dogs are hard to come by (Canadians are much more responsible when it comes to spay/neuter) and the demand is high, even for seniors and dogs with manageable medical issues.  This allows us to save even more dogs, and specifically ones that are discarded by our society for being too old or having a medical problem.  

How can you help   me continue to save dogs?

  • BE A SHORT TERM FOSTER.  You don’t need anything except your home and a loving heart.  Please contact Jeanine at for more information.
  • DONATE .  Funds are desperately needed for the continuing costs of vet care, grooming, transportation and boarding fees.  Bichons and Buddies has always been committed to spending whatever is needed to ensure the safety and health of our rescue babies which is our number one priority. 

Please consider renewing your support of Bichons and Buddies to help us continue saving lives. 

With Love,

Jeanine Curcione