Behavior Problems

Did you know that most "bad" dog behavior is normal dog behavior? Learn how to recognize and address problems with chewing, barking and separation anxiety.

Dog Behavior Articles:

Did you know that most "bad" dog behavior is normal dog behavior?

Here are five common dog behaviors we’ve seen dogs act out and their causes.

Learn how to provide safe alternatives to curb your dogs destructive chewing.

Is your dog chewing to cope with separation anxiety? Often the two go hand in hand.

Learn about the four most common types of dog aggression.

Fear Aggression can look similar to other types of aggression, but there are many important differences.

Possessive Aggression usually only occurs when a dog is guarding a precious item like food or a toy.

The basics on separation anxiety in dogs.

A dog behaviorist's tips on treating separation anxiety.

Biting can be a common problem with puppies.

Learn about dog bites and the most common situations where bites occur.

Advice for an owner whose dog is chasing his tail to the point of physical injury.


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