Animal Success Stories


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Raffi is bringing in the New Year in a new home AND a new country!  He's now a Canadian citizen!


Roger is a beautiful apricot poodle who was a total mess and most likely lived his life in someone's backyard being thoroughly neglected.  He was found on the street and when Animal Control came to pick him up, he bit them out of fear and poor Roger ended up in quarantine for 10 days and then was made available only to a rescue group.  This poor guy was so traumatized when we got him out it took a while before he'd even let us pet him.  The first order of business was shaving him down which was like shearing a sheep!  It was horrifying to see how skinny this poor guy was.  It took a couple of weeks of TLC and frequent feedings but soon Roger began to blossom.  He's now living the life of a cherished, pampered four-legged son of a very proud mother!  


Rosie had a rough start.  She came into Lancaster shelter with multiple puncture wounds and her eye badly damaged from what most likely was a dog attack.  Although she she lost her eye, she never lost her spirit and her charming, affectionate demeanor won the hearts of her new family.  Rosie loves her little brothers and sisters.


Congrats on your new home, Ripley!  Have fun with your new fur bro:)

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